We pulled ourselves out of bed at 6:00 am this morning (yes, for all you hockey mum’s you can stop laughing at me now!), loaded up the car, and headed out to Minto for a day of skating.  Interpretive, couples, solo and elements…..it all sounded very impressive to me, but the last time I saw my daughter skate a solo, it was a year ago….her first year in juniors.  There was a lot of scraping along the ice, jerky movements, wonderful attempts at jumps, staring at the ice, and spins consisting of one rotation and a bit.  I loved every minute of it….I was the proudest mum in the stands…..my boog was the junior skater of the year, and she loved it!!!!  After two years of canskate, a coach who made no bones of her dislike of my boog, and many tears shed over said coach, she loved skating again!!!  She was elated, proud of herself, and as parents, we couldn’t have been prouder.  Proud of the fact that she left it all on the ice and even more importantly, she did it with a smile on her face…..she knew she was getting it no matter what anyone in her past had intimated.

Now, I will admit, I am a bad skating mum…..I don’t do well in the cold, and as much as I would love to watch every moment of boog 1’s ice time…..I just can’t.  I pop in and out warming up at home in between or spending some time at Timmie’s.    Her coaches (bless them) had been telling me how wonderfully she was doing, progressing and her natural ability to skate.  I heard the words, but really did not “get it”….not until today.

Boog stepped out on the ice, dad and I sat in the stands with all the anticipation and excitement, as if this were the Olympic games themselves.  She skated the first portion (interpretive) to a country theme…..UGH!!!!….but wait, she had a presence and personality (and if you know my daughter she has a HUGE personality), that absolutely dazzled on the ice.  She skated a routine, made up on the fly, to music that was, well, bad country!!!  It was magic!!!  Result, Gold medal!!!

She went through her elements portion, Gold medal!!!, but the most magical moment for me was when she performed her solo (now she didn’t have all the required number of jumps, so we weren’t in the running for this one), but she stepped on this ice, almost like she owned it.  How such a small person can command an ice surface, I am in awe of.  She began skating, and it was almost like watching someone floating across the surface.  She jumped, spun, connected foot work patterns, smiled and was having the time of her life.  I watched every moment, every arm movement, every impish grin from her beautiful face.  I am not sure if I took a breath during that 1 1/2 minutes.  The music ended, and I found myself looking at my daughter, the figure skater.  The tears were running down my face, and I didn’t care who saw them.  I ran from the stands and grabbed my boog and held her for a good 30 seconds, crying into her head.  I cried because of the pride I felt,  but more importantly, the sheer determination my boog has;  even though she had been treated like something on the bottom of your shoe by her previous coach, she knew deep down inside that she had what it takes to make her dreams come true (through hard work and determination) and she would let no one stop her in this quest…..to be a figure skater…..and on this day, she showed all of us!!!!!!                                                                     IMG_0148 IMG_0131.JPG (2) IMG_0110.JPG (2)