I have been wandering around the ole homestead this past week, wondering……”Where is my inspiration?”  Who stole it?  Can I please have it back?, When suddenly, during a quiet moment, I sat down, looked around me, and realized it hadn’t left me…….I was surrounded by it.  My eyes, jumped from one photo to another, a souvenier, a ball of dog hair…..it was still here, I had just become too busy to sit back and realize that inspiration is everywhere. There are inspirational people and things happening every moment of our lives, we just have to slow down and appreciate what is being shown to us.

I looked up to a family photo on the wall, and suddenly it became very clear….here are the three most inspiring individuals in my life.  My husband Michael, who at every turn never ceases to amaze me.  My boog #1 and #2 who can brighten my day with just a quick smile, and show you everything that is good in the world.  The furbabies, who unconditionally love you, and all they want in return in a soothing scratch on the head, no more……just the simple things.

This got me thinking about the people in my life who have left their hand prints on my heart;  the one’s who have faced life events that would take down a lesser person, the one’s who did it with a smile on their face, and taught everyone around them a lesson about the human spirit.

To my mother, who without her, I would not be here…..I wish I could tell you all the things that were left partially said……

To my friend, who from junior high, was convinced he was going to start his own security firm, the biggest the best……he did it!!  Thank you!

My friend, who lost her husband very suddenly from cancer.  She, at that moment, decided to change her life, and change it, has she ever!!…..Thank you!

My friend, who was separating from her husband and discovered she had stage 3 breast cancer,  looked both of these obstacles straight in the eye and kicked them both in the butt, all the while with the biggest smile on her face and contagious laugh echoing through our town.  Thank you!!

My friend, who handled every deployment of her husband, like it was a trip to the grocery store….all while doing it with 2.5 and eventually 3 children (yes, she was pregnant).  Thank you!

My friend, who after 5 years, asked me to call her…..and left me in tears (of joy and sorrow).  Thank you!

The individuals of our prior sleepy town, who came out and helped us, when life was at the lowest for us….Thank you!

To all the military spouses out there, who I look up to.  Who can handle this lifestyle without so much as a hiccup.  I want to be like you when I grow up……Thank you!

To all my friends, who stood by me, while others did not…..Thank you!

I realize that I am surrounded by inspiration every moment, of everyday.  My life has been touched by so many people, with so many amazing stories of how to live.  How to live without reservation, to believe in something beyond and bigger than yourself….how to give, how to hope, and how to love.

Inspiration……it doesn’t come with dollar signs, or a job title……it comes with attitude, the ability to give without consideration of return, to persevere under the harshest of life’s trials, and to do it all without realizing how you are touching people……humbly and with humility.Image

I am inspired……with the people in my life, how could I not be?