Today is honesty Sunday……My family doesn’t live in a “perfect” online world…..we fight, there are times I don’t like my children, and they certainly don’t like me, sometimes I could whap my husband upside the head with a shoe, and he feels the same, our dogs have pooped in our shoes, I have dog/cat hair in my house, I am not a good cook and freely admit my disdain for cooking, I eat gluten, I eat whatever I want, I feed my kids peanut butter, my kids stay in their pj’s all day, pick their noses and fight like cats and dogs, I have bad hair days, I don’t exercise and don’t feel compelled to “work out” just to fit in, I go shopping in my jammie bottoms, we don’t fake it, we do real, and sometimes real isn’t pretty, so please don’t judge if I seem down and am being honest. We fight, we argue, we are sometimes a mess, but most of all we LOVE….and that’s what gets us through everything. Here’s to our total and completely IMPERFECT LIFE, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!! – me-