Never lose your smile, even when people try to erase it

Never lose your smile, even when people try to erase it

I have noticed, floating around on social media, some very very touching “what I wish for my children” lists in regards to Mother’s Day quick approach.  I sat with a box  of kleenex dabbing my eyes, as I read through the wishes for our children.  I thought of cutting and pasting these tender tributes to our children, then I thought, the best Mother’s Day gift I could give my children would be a personalized wish list for them.  A story written just for them, my precious boog’s;  so my little one’s here we go….this is for you, these are my wishes for you:

1.  I hope you always know love.  Love is the one thing in thing in this world that will get you through anything.

2.  I wish for you faith and hope.  Faith and hope planted in your core will see you through the roughest times.  If you find yourself lacking in these, go back to number one, add it to the mix, and you will see that even the darkest clouds will be blown away by the wind eventually.

3.  I hope you never forget how to laugh, and how to laugh at yourself.  Sometimes a little dose of laughter is a great cure for ails us.

4.  I hope you have at least one friend that you consider family, these friends are rare, but if you nurture one of these friendships, never let it go.

5.  I hope you never change who you are.  You both are unique, wonderful individuals, never change who you are, for what others think you should be.  This world is richer because of your individuality, always remember that.

6.  Know that the world is full of cruel individuals.  I hope not too many cross your path, but when they do,  I hope you have the courage and strength not to let them dull your sparkle.

7.  I wish you the courage to stand tall in life.  It is very easy to become a sheep amongst others, to stand tall takes courage, and courage is hard;  hard but worth it.

8.  Everything in life requires effort, if it doesn’t, DO NOT do it!!!  Do not look for the next best thing, it may quench some instant gratification, but in the long run, you lose.  Remember life is a long learning process……Learn, do not cave.

9.  Don’t listen to what people say about you….this is called gossip.  It is started by unhappy individuals with even smaller minds.  Refer back to number 7….you will need it.

10.  If you have not heard a statement directly from an individual’s mouth, DO NOT speak about what you do not know.  Remember, I am still your mother, and I have no problem sticking a bar of soap in your mouth.

11.  Don’t swear like it is part of normal English vocabulary.  You may think you are being “cool”, but all it really does it show your ignorance.  Like I have always told you, “use your words.”

12.  Please don’t try to be “cool”…..why?  refer back to number 5, you are an individual, you are spectacular just the way you are.

13.  Remember the number of  “friends” you have, does not define who you are….it is the quality not quantity of friends you have that is important.

14.  Don’t be afraid to try something new.  Life is an adventure…jump in!!!  If it falls under the criminal code, it is not an adventure, it is illegal, and I will not be there to bail you out.

15.  Travel, travel, travel if you have the opportunity……Experience all the world has to offer you.  You will see history first hand, experience other traditions, and learn that even though there are many differences in people, we are all people.

16.  Never pass judgement on someone else’s life choices…..if they are not hurting you, it is their choice, not yours.

17.  Be loving to everyone you meet, we all need human kindness.

18.  I hope you fall in love,  I hope it is a wildly silly, crazy, romantic love….it will be like something you could never imagine.

19.  Love will sometimes hurt….but if it is meant to be, you can work hard to overcome anything with this simple four letter word.

20.  There will be battles in life….these too will all take hard work to overcome.  Know you are strong enough to triumph over these, and I will always be there to be a calm in the storm.

21.  Know that I love you with every fibre of my being, but that does not mean I will always like you.  There is a difference.  I am your mother, not your best friend, I am here to unconditionally support, nurture and love you, but I will not go clubbing with you.

22.  You will make mistakes, and that is ok.  Be the kind of person to learn from the mistakes you make, accept that it was ‘You’ who made the mistake, be strong enough in character to apologize if necessary, and remember I am not judging you…..I made my fair share of them, and still do.

23.  I want you to look in the mirror and smile when you the reflection looking back at you.

24.  I hope you try to “be the change you want to see in the world”….it takes one courageous individual to start this, it won’t make you popular, but popularity is an infantile want/need.  Be strong enough in your convictions to realize this.

25.  I hope you do something you love, it may change over the years, but get into your career for the right reasons… are part of a change, remember that.

26.  Never stop looking for disgusting bugs and dancing in the rain…..remember the fun we always have doing that.  You are never too old to go on a good ole slug hunt!

27.  Do not cave into peer pressure, it is difficult, but be who you are, stay true to yourself.  This refers to friendships too….never discard someone you have called friend…..remember, I am your mother, I will find out!!

28.  Always be willing to help out someone in need.  Do not become selfish, it is not all about you.

29.  Always use your manners,  “Please and thank you” go a long way.

30.  Don’t concentrate on the “things” in your life….concentrate on the people.

31.  Say, “I Love you” at least once a day.

32.  Cuddle up with a good book, as your grandmother always told me, “a good book is better than a bad date, or bad friend” any day of the week.

33.  Learn, learn and learn some more… obscure religions, ancient societies, rare animals…..whatever interests you, learn!

34.  Remember there is no problem too big to be overcome….you may not be able to do it alone, but that is why I am here….I am here to help you always.

35.  Know I would lay my life down for you without a thought….you are the most important people in my life, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.

36.  Remember life begins and ends with family that is the most important fact out there…..we are a unit supporting each other, Family, the most important relationship you will ever have.

37.  Even if you don’t speak the truth, know what the truth is.

38.  Remember to brush your teeth and wash your underarms everyday… does make a difference!

39.  People will take advantage of you, this is just a fact of life…you are kind, and the monsters of the world prey on the kind….I will be there for you.

40.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you the “cream rises to the top”, so does sour milk….remember that!

41.  Never use someone for your own gain…..if you do this, my lap will always be large enough to lay you over it and give you a good spanking!!

42.  Always hang onto your love of animals…….they my darlings are sometimes the calm in the storm….unless they ate your couch, then they may be the storm!

43.  I hope you find your soul mate with whom you can share your desires, dreams and life with.  There will be ups and downs, but this person will bring a ray of light into your world.  It isn’t about looks or jobs, it is about a connection that can’t be seen.  It is in enjoying just talking, walking hand in hand, and sharing your innermost secrets……if it is right… is beautiful!

44.  Finally, I wish for you children.  I wish for you children as beautiful, intelligent, grounded and kind as I have been blessed with….it is a love like one you could never imagine.

This my dear little one’s is my Mother’s day wish for you……I love you to the moon and back, to Mariana’s Trench and to the remote Greek Isles.

Mummy xoxo