If you only read one page of a story, you will never know its’ full meaning…..the same applies to people; if you believe only one side of what you hear, you will never know the full human…………take time to turn the page…….you may be surprised with the full story!!

How often do we hear “insert whatever tidbit of information” about a person, and form a judgement from a small snippet?  Unfortunately, more often than not this is the case.  I am guilty of doing this, but over the years have realized that there is so much more to a person than second, third, fourth hand innuendo.

I actively take the time to meet people and find out “whole” story, not one page, but the continuing story……..I have been blessed to find out so many “full” stories.  It is an eye opening experience, and one that has made me feel like a better person.

People are scared, yes, I am throwing that out there, to reach out to others and take the time to find out their story.  We are complacent, to stick to “our own kind”….whatever that is, and too busy to bother with others who seem different from who we are.

The more we talk and read a life story, the more we realize, there are very few differences between anyone.  Step outside your fears of what society and peers think (they really don’t matter, and ultimately contribute to the continuing ostracization of people).  Rejoice in what we all have to offer,……read the whole story and learn from it!!