I am about at my wit’s end with the lack of sincerity, empathy and willingness of people to disparage others.  I have decided to compile a list of “Living life honestly” to put on my fridge, to remind me, when I am feeling angry or hurt (which go hand in hand by the way, for me) of what to do.

1.  If I have not heard something directly from an individual, it is NOT a fact….it is speculation.  Do not react, people stir the pot for reaction.

2.  There are two sides to every story, if we have only heard one, the story is not a story, it is a work in progress, perhaps even fictional.  Make sure to get both sides, then and only then decide what it real and what is fiction.

3.  Just because people have a realistic outlook on life, does not make them negative…..it makes them real.  I was a cheerleader in high school, my rah rah sis boom bah days are long behind me, and that is ok.

4.  No one ever travels the same path.  I am not a big fan of “walking in one’s shoes.”….we all have our fights….we should understand that, and respect that.  It is not a competition, over who has it worse, it is how we come through it that inspires.

5.  Cliques, how shall I put this politely, suck!!  They were terrible in high school, and when they continue into adulthood, it only goes to prove that some people never grow up.  There are people we are drawn to because of common interests, but there is a world of people, who can teach us so much about life and ourselves.  Take a walk outside our backyards, it is amazing what we will find!

6.  Always be willing to say “I am sorry.”  No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, part of being an adult, is the ability to admit to your mistakes, and say the words…..it may be hard, but so worth it.

7.  Not everyone’s priorities are the same.  I am old, so what makes me tick, doesn’t resonate with younger people….that’s ok….they will be old one day too.

8.  There will be people who believe anything they hear, and are more than willing to pass on this information….stay clear.

9.  Always try and be kind…..sometimes it is hard, do it anyway!!!  Don’t disparage others to make yourself look better…..you don’t, and never will.

10.  There is no such thing as karma…..don’t wish bad things on people, just live our lives honestly and with love.  Taking time out of our lives to focus on bad for others, just robs us of our own happiness.

11.  When there is a problem, communicate, communicate and communicate some more.

12.  We are all doing the best we can….love your “best”

…..and finally!!

Like mum always said, “If you can’t say anything nice……shut it!”  🙂