I have found the phrase, “What is your excuse?” popping up in society more and more.  I find this phrase so grating, as the way it is posed is so very confrontational. More Confrontation is the last thing we need more of, in the diverse society we live in.

In just about every aspect of life, people ask, “well, why don’t you?”  I think the answer is very simple,  it is a personal choice (work, don’t work, marry, stay single, have children, no children, religion, no religion) every conceivable life situation seems to warrant the question from others.  Now, granted some questions are posed out of concern or intruige , but most of them are posed to illicit a response, one of which will cause one of the parties involved to feel defensive and act in the responding manner.

I think, perhaps, just perhaps if we accepted people’s personal choices for a happy (and remember happy doesn’t equate to walking on sunshine 24×7, 365) life for them, then that should be good enough.

I will quote Robert Munsch’s, “Stephanie’s Ponytail.”….”It’s my hair, and I like it!”  This is what we taught our children, that personal choice, sticking by it, and having pride in yourself, is important;  not what other people think, because there will always be those who want you to feel bad about yourself.  Why have we as adults forgotten this?

Maybe it is time we pulled out our children’s books, maybe it’s time we consciously make the decision not to use “the phrase,”  maybe it’s time we just love each other for all our differences, maybe it is time to just accept that everyone has different priorities, maybe it is time to just stop, smile and realize that whatever our choices are, we are all trying to be the best people we can be and that is awesome!

love and respect