The other day, I made the mistake of involving myself in a talk (online, big mistake) about real world problems vs. celebrity news coverage.  I didn’t much care for the celebrity news aspect of it, so I dove into the “real” world news coverage or lack there of.  The biggest issue the world is facing right now is ISIS, now I would argue that the world is full of BIG issues, but this happened to be the one at the forefront on the particular day.

I will give a bit of background on our particular residential status at the moment.  We are living in Poland, bordering what?….the Ukraine;  some pretty serious stuff going on there right now.  We live north west of Afghanistan;  some serious stuff still going on there too.  Don’t believe it, we are missing a pair of desert combat boots from our house,  Ebola is out of control to the south of us, as is Boko Haram and finally if you look on a map, Iraq and Syria are to the south east of us……in short we are surrounded by it.  So, yes this gets one thinking about what is happening in our world, not a world away from us, but in our own backyard.

Enough background, now onto the real issue.  As I stated previously, I engaged myself in what I thought was an interesting, thought provoking discussion on the seriousness of the issue (remember I discounted the celebrity aspect of this)…..I was wrong…..and through this discussion, I think I have finally discovered what is truly wrong with this world.

I approached this issue from the perspective that throughout history we, as in humanity, have done some terrible things in the name of religion, or to protect “our” religion, in an attempt to cleanse the world of what we fear or don’t understand.  There has always been and always will be extremists and fundamentalists when it comes to dealing with religion, and these individuals are the ones we should be terrified of regardless of which God they pray to.

I made they point that it should not be a Christian vs Muslim, Muslim, vs. Buddhist, Buddhist vs….whatever, insert any religion.  None of us regardless of our beliefs, religious following or lack there of should be tossing stones at anyone else.  The vast majority of any religion follow the dogma or doctrine of that religion without issue.  Then there is the radical edge….the fundamentalists and extremists that take this dogma and doctrine over the top.  This happens in every religion (ie:  Christians during the Holocaust)…..look around your own, and there will be facets of it that shame you, that you distant yourself from, that you explain away by saying, “not everyone thinks that way.”  BAM!  “Not everyone thinks that way,”  yet we are painting an entire people with one brush……let me repeat AN ENTIRE PEOPLE!  Imagine the uproar if all Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Mormons, Jehovah’s, etc.. were painted with one brush, it would not be tolerated. but this is what we are doing.  I understand what this extremist faction is perpetrating right now, and it is DISGUSTING, it can not be tolerated, and it must stop, and it must stop now but how when we are too busy pointing fingers?

After my two cents worth, which I found out was worth about 1 zloty, there were two fine individuals, a gentleman, who called me “a racist, bigot, promoting hatred towards Christians and ignorant.”  I may be ignorant about certain things, but his assumptions about me and my religious background (I was Baptized in the Anglican church and my children were Baptized in the United Church), were absolutely wrong and ignorant,  so I guess he is actually the bigot assuming I am not Christian (I take people based on themselves)… point one of what is wrong with the world.  Then a lovely lady told me, “I was the problem in the world.” in all caps!  Pretty hefty words…..I really don’t want the responsibility of causing all the problems in the world;  I have enough on my plate right now, and really can’t handle something of epic proportions like that, point two of what is wrong in the world.

After reading and rereading the comments….I was left with the thought, “is this world truly full of that much hatred towards others?” and “why?”   Answer to question number one, yes, it is full of that much hatred, why?  Because we fear what we don’t know and refuse to educate ourselves even on the basics someone living a life different from ours.  The answer to question number two;  “why?”, because people assume, people assume everything, it has become part of our make up.  We don’t take the time to talk or see a different perspective, we assume that if you aren’t with me, you are against me.

Now,  I am busy raising two children in a foreign land, and trying to instill in them, the fact that differences are what makes the world wonderful, to never judge someone because they are different from you, that religion does not define you… is a matter of faith, not religion that is important, that the world can be a terrible place, but there are beautiful people who make it less terrible, that they must stand strong, even in the face of haters,  all while being surrounded by the atrocities being carried out around us.  As I said, I have enough on my plate, trying to guide my children through the maze of life, me being the problem is the world just tips the scales, so I will pass that one on to someone who would like that particular title.

I have to admit that I was about to respond to these caring individuals, by pointing out that they were probably writing from the comfort of their own home in Canada,  where one of the most pressing issues is when will Justin Trudeau stick his foot in it again?  This is stuff they read of in the papers or see on the news…..we are stuck, surrounded by it, I am raising my children in it.  We are part of a NATO community (which means 28 countries), not one, and a Polish community which means, learning and learning some more….not casting stones at people you don’t anything about;  but from their high and mighty positions feel it is ok to do so.

I hope you fine readers can follow the thread I am knitting here of what is wrong with the world, and why no solution is going to be abundantly apparent to anyone, anytime soon.  If we as individuals are filled with so much fear and hatred towards others, if we are so ready to attack others because we may be from a different religious background or race;  then my friends this world is in a heap of trouble, even more so than we are in now.

Perhaps if we could put aside our differences and stand together united, instead of the inane bickering that continues….we could make a difference, and stop the hideous, nightmarish actions of ISIS.  We could stand up as a world united, not by religion, but by true humanity and save our fellow man.  Think about that TRUE HUMANITY, the love for our fellow man, the concern, and the need to rid the world of extremists who threaten our future the future of our children…..the one’s that I am teaching tolerance too, the one’s I am teaching love to, the one’s I am teaching acceptance to…..the one’s who will work to be the change.  Perhaps that is my contribution to “the problem with the world.”  I want my kids to grow up in an united world, one that doesn’t hate based on religion,  one that acts not hates, for talk is cheap,  one where what we see happening under our noses right now is only part of their history.

I will quote John Lennon, in saying, “You may say I am a dreamer,”…..but I truly believe ” but I am not the only one, someday you will join me….and the world will live as one.”

Love Karen