How do you view your cup?

There is  that old saying, that people view the cup as either half full or half empty.  What about those of us who just view the cup, as what it is, just a cup, neither full, nor empty, just a cup.

This metaphor has always driven me around the bend.   To try and dissect my personality, by how I view a cup of water seems a little “weird”.  I understand that the optimistic will look at the cup as half full, the pessimist, as half empty…but what about the realist, who looks at is as it is enough…..One day it maybe almost empty, the next it maybe filled, and it is this balance between the ups and downs that tells me it is ok to view it as just a cup.

That cup of water to me, is the ebb and flow of life, the ups and downs that make us all who we are.   This does not mean I am an optimist, nor does it mean I am a pessimist, I am a realist.  We all have good days, and bad days, and that is ok….that is normal;  for each day is only 24 hours, and we are given the opportunity for a do over each and every day.

Forget about filling or emptying your cup, or how you look at it;  go out and experience  those next 24 hours;  they may be wonderful or they may be disappointing, but they are yours, own them!……and remember, IT IS just a cup!




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